Boost Your GK; 5 Best Websites To Help You

Being responsible citizens, we should know what is going on around us (i.e. GK or General Knowledge).

Moreover, many of you will need an update of current affairs regularly. There are so many books and newspapers (duh!) to keep yourself up to date with the current affairs.

Most of us even have a few apps on our smartphones that give updates about the current affairs. But this is not enough for those of you who are taking up competitive examinations.

Most of these exams have a section that deals with current affairs. To help you to get ready for competitive exams and also for those who just enjoy knowing, we have five websites that you can explore.

1. GKToday

GKToday is a very popular website and it provides you with everything you need to know about current affairs. They have pdfs of current affairs sorted monthly. The best part about this is that it is free of cost. You don’t have to spend a penny to stay up-to-date.

And guess what? They have daily 10 questions on current GK!

They also have e-books that you can access. You can take up mock tests for various competitive examinations here. You can also take current affairs quiz. It is a great way for boosting your GK.

2. Jagaran Josh

Jagaran Josh is yet another website that you can access to boost your GK. Here you have access to current affairs, job alerts, various colleges and schools.

You can develop your skills and add it to your CV. They also have a “study at home” option which you all can make use of during this period of lockdown.

3. OnlineTyari

OnlineTyari is a website that helps you prepare and practise for various competitive examinations. They offer help for various courses and in various languages too.

They have quizzes that are uploaded everyday. Take up these and you’ll be a master of current affairs. There are a few courses that you need to pay for. Take up mock tests online and get immediate results.

4. Study IQ Education

Study IQ Education is a youtube channel very famous for their content. They have 7.46 million subscribers who are making the best use of the content to boost their GK among other things.

They come up with new videos every day. The visual aid is extremely good and helps you understand the concepts well.

Their videos cover various aspects. They have tutorials for competitive exams and also updates on current affairs.

5. Brainstorming Box

Brainstorming Box will be an absolute favourite for those of you who want updates mainly in the field of science. You can get into the minute details of discoveries and theories.

You get to improve your cosmic knowledge and know more about artificial intelligence. They also have a category called “brainstorming” which has various articles and updates from every field.

We hope that these websites will help you boost your GK. So what are you waiting for? Check them out and let us know what you think.

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