Business School: Is It Really Worth Attending One?

Business school is where one goes to get an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration). With this degree, one gets a lot of opportunities and can get jobs with wonderful designations.

We often see people who wish to be entrepreneurs also taking up a course in business school. In fact, people from various streams, after working for a while decide to go to a business school. Of late it has become a trend too.

But the most important question is, is it really worth to attend a business school? In order to answer this question, we must first know what is taught in an MBA course.

What is an MBA from a business school?

MBA from a business school

Through an MBA degree, one gets to build knowledge related to business, industry, marketing, finance, economics and many more aspects. Along with these subjects, one also gets to develop and build skills related to leadership, managerial and other technicalities.

We can see that there are various schools that offer a lot of courses. But which one to select? To know that one must be aware of the different MBA courses that are offered by all business schools.

There is a variety of curriculum that is available. There are courses that run for a year, two years, offline, online and part-time. Also, there is a different course called the EMBA (Executive MBA) for those who have been in the workforce for quite some time. And the EMBA course can be very expensive. In fact, a normal MBA is also quite expensive.

The next question that pops in our heads now is, what is the weightage if one does this course?

Weightage one gets by attending Business School

weightage one gets by attending a business school

The weightage is the main reason why people opt to get a business degree. This is a degree that enhances one’s skills that are essential for executives. One can simply even go to a business school because it will fetch them great salaries later.

Moreover, there is no perfect age to do this course. We see students who have just completed a bachelor’s degree opting to go to a business school and also an executive who has been in the workforce for 5 years or more opting the same.

A degree like this one from the best schools will help us fetch the best of jobs in the best industries. With graduates from such schools, the administration at all levels will also become better.

But again, we end up with the question: is it really worth?

When an MBA is not worth it?

when a business degree is not worth it

When we observe the trends in how people opt their career in India, we see that until a few years ago, a majority section only chose the fields of engineering and medicine. This left very few people for other career streams.

But lately, we see that the youth is ready to look at other wide opportunities that are available. And one of those is business schools. If one chooses to go to a business school just for the sake of a trend, then definitely it is not worth it.

Going to a school like this is only worth when the person is business-oriented. You might question as to, why can’t a person simply get this degree for the sake of knowledge?

Well, they definitely can. But knowledge is not bound by a degree. They can simply read or attend workshops to improve knowledge instead of spending lakhs of rupees at a business school.

When is it worth it?

An MBA from the best business schools of the world will cost at least 50 to 60 lakh rupees. So, if one wants to be in the business arena, wants to enter the competitive industries or become a successful entrepreneur, getting this degree is definitely worth it.

In recent times we can see that there are a number of business schools that offer these courses. This is actually making the arena of business administration a little crowded.

With so many colleges and universities offering business courses, it will be worth only when we get a degree from the most reputed schools.

And, getting into these reputed schools is not an easy task. If one really wants a business degree from the best business school, they will definitely have to work hard for it.

Moreover, getting a degree is not everything. Just because we now have a degree from a reputed school, we won’t get the best job. The companies that hire look for the best talents and skills that one can offer. So, it is worth going to a business school if one can manage to keep up with all this.

Bottom Line

Skills and talent are what matters in today’s competitive world. Gone are those days when only degrees mattered. Today, we see that a person who is skilled and has practical knowledge is hired over someone probably with a degree even from Harvard.

Where one studies or gets a degree from does not matter as much as the skills one develops. This does not mean that degrees from reputed schools don’t have any value. They do.

There are various reputable companies and industries that go for campus selections to these reputed business schools. There won’t be much problem with recruitment. If not skilled, one will have problems to grow in the real world.

So, whether attending a business school is totally subjective. It depends on what the individual wants to do in life. Think about it and decide.

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