Campus Buzz; An Experience I Will Cherish

About a year ago, when I was interning for an online platform, my friend got the idea of starting our own one. That blog is Campus Buzz.

As college students who are in dire need of clarity regarding our careers and future endeavours, we wanted to help out the students of our age group.

That is what we had in our minds when we started off with Campus Buzz. And today is probably the last article I am writing for the same.

The Beginning

Firstly, massive respect to everyone who’s out there trying to start a blog and are blogging successfully. Because if there is one thing Campus Buzz has taught us, that is it’s really difficult to set up a blog. Really.

While domains like WordPress did make it a lot easier but something as small as coming up the name for the blog took us about a week of regular brainstorming and hundreds of ‘vetos’ as three of us frantically talked in the group chat.

Then, came the tagline, it had to catchy but not too long. Not too short and something that will get through to people immediately. Then the logos, the colours, the introduction page….

I think it is safe to say that the three of us were at each other’s throats. And all this was happening while I was in a different city and the others couldn’t meet because of the lockdown.

The opening of various accounts on social media, looking for writers, niches, topics and the allotment of the same almost made us snap at each other. Page after page were scribbled with topic ideas and logo designs. All in all, pretty hectic I must say.

Let me also take the opportunity to mention the stressed-out calls with my partners and the late-night fights on call because we could not come to a middle ground.  Phew!

The name decided; Campus Buzz

Finally, we settled on the name, the logo, the tagline. What now? Assigning topics to writers and as the editor of the blog, editing was a pain. Well, at least at the beginning.

Having absolutely no clue how to go about it, I made several mistakes for which my partners blasted me like anything. 

It took me quite a while to get accustomed to all the pointers that I had to take care of besides editing the article. Over time, it became second nature though.

Setting up Campus Buzz has taught me a lot of things which I was blatantly unaware of previously. Image compressing, editing, search engine optimization and thinking out of the box.

Plus, a continuous deadline meant I was much more aware instead of just lazing around the whole day.

Hard work paid off?

Well, we did every possible thing we can. To leave no stone unturned is a phrase that can be applied in this situation.

As of now, this will be my last article officially. It has been a wonderful experience being a part of Campus Buzz throughout and it is a pity that it is coming to an end. But at the end of the day, the experience will, not be unaccounted for.

Will I miss the part of being at each other’s throats while making a decision? Absolutely. Will I be miss editing out the amazing articles churned out by our very capable writers? Yes.

And I will most definitely miss the brainstorming sessions with my partners to decide the course of the blog. But I probably won’t be missing the scoldings I got from my partners when I messed up big time.

Well, that was it about my short experience at Campus Buzz. Hoping I can write for this blog again sometime. Take care guys!

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