Career Advice: How To Pick The Perfect Career

“How do I pick a career for myself?”

“Why is it so difficult to find a job that makes me AND my parents happy?”

“What next?”

These are probably some of the most asked questions on the face of this earth. There are a lot of major junctions in life. School, college, a job that you didn’t like. At these junctions, you’ll find everybody right from your nosy relatives to yourself wanting the answers.

Personally, these are the questions that irritate me the most because internally, they scare me. More often than not, I have no clue what I plan on doing next. Asking that question again and again only amplifies this fear of mine.

Back in school, when the question came up about choosing a particular stream to study, it felt as if the wires in my brain had fused. I had completely gone blank.

Showcasing students getting career advice

My school had arranged for various career guidance sessions. They showed us what amazing career options we had out there in the world. Unfortunately, there’s no use of knowing the options when you don’t know the direction where you’re headed.

This sense of misdirection may turn out to be very problematic for our futures simply because a career is something that we probably will be doing for the rest of our lives.

I was fortunate enough to have a clear mind of some sort to take this decision and ensure that it was something I was happy with. However, I also understand that this may not be the case in everybody’s life. Many of us could require a push in the right direction.

So here are some things that I kept in my mind when I was out there studying every possible career option that the internet said I could choose. Here’s hoping that this motivates you to take the right decision when it comes to you choosing a career you love.

Why should you choose your career wisely?

When it comes to movies dealing with our education system and the choice of careers, 3 Idiots tops most of our lists. From handling peer pressure to achieving the dreams that you always desired to achieve. This movie gives a fresh perspective to not only students but the society at large.

Farhan convincing his father to let him go for the career of his choice

When Farhan said that wildlife photography was what he wanted to do with his life, I was overjoyed. Better late than never, right? It made me happy that he chose to do something that he loved.

That scene showed me how important that was. My mind kind of figured out that I wanted my career to be something that I could sit and do for my entire life. No confusion, no tiredness and no stress.

That was the single-most-important checkbox that I wanted to tick when I picked my career. My happiness.

I also decided one more thing. Don’t get me wrong! I was very happy about how Farhan’s life ended up. However, I decided that I did not want to spend 4 years of my life stuck in a godforsaken engineering college cursing my university’s dean and my parents for a stupid decision that I made out of pressure.

A career is something that you could change down the road. You never know what life might teach you one day about yourself. But when you have a choice to make and a decision to take at a point of life, the smartest thing to do is to take an informed one.

You could save yourself a lot of confusion and self-doubt. You could hone your skills and learn a whole lot about something that you love in that saved time. Take an informed and wise decision when you can.

How to pick a career option

This is one topic on which all of us have been schooled from times beyond memory. Parents, teachers and even our friends don’t think twice before passing on their beads of wisdom to us.

Some of these may prove to be helpful but some of their wise pieces of advice exist purely for ultimately tossing them into the bin.

Here are a few pieces of the advice that I got that actually helped me out a lot in picking an ideal career option for myself.

Weigh your interests and skills

Woman weighing her interests to pick a career option

Knowing what you’re good at and knowing what you love doing is key to choosing the perfect career option for yourself. If you’re good at photography and video-making, then you’ll probably love working in fields like video-marketing and journalism.

Considering all your interests and skills would enable you to make the right choice. It will give you an opportunity to utilize the traits that you naturally possess and make a living out of it.

Good at writing? You could consider becoming a novelist or working in the publishing industry. Have good debate skills? Maybe choosing law could do you wonders. It’s as simple as that.

All of us have talents of our own. What you’re the best at is the best thing that you have in your possession to display to the world at large. Picking your interests as your career is the perfect way to do this.

Envision a future

Thinking about the future which you can achieve through your career

When Walt Disney set out to fulfil his dream of building a place where families and children could enjoy their day in, many people questioned his sanity. A place filled with joy rides and fantasies being enacted? Ridiculous!

We have Disneyland today as every child’s dream destination because Disney didn’t stop envisioning that place and working towards it. He visualized it every day. That was the future he was working towards.

Read all about the life and struggles of Walt Disney; The Story Of The Storyteller.

Setting up an idea of what you would want your future to look like is essential. It gives you something to work towards. You stay motivated when you know that one day, you shall live the life of your dreams.

Choose a relevant degree

I know. Not all professions need a qualification. However, the fact cannot be denied that a degree could add to not only your CV but also your skillset.

For example, assume that you are good at designing and want to take it up as a career. Going to a design school will not only enhance the skills that you possess.

It will also provide you with a lot of other benefits like a chance to network with people within the industry, better chances to get a job with high-end brands and much more.

Apart from having a degree, doing e-courses or even testing horizons that may or may not be essential for your choice of career could add to your knowledge and experiences.

Platforms like Udemy and Coursera give you the opportunity of learning about topics that might catch your interest. This may help you learn and gain knowledge in the fields of your interest and will also help you broaden your perspective.

Plan, plan and plan

Showcasing plans one may have for their career

Having a plan will help in having a steady mind towards your goal. They could be simple and short term plans like going for a trek tomorrow or attending that business webinar in the evening.

Or they could be long-term like working under that photography expert after graduation or opening up a business.

Plans could also go wrong and they probably will, at some point. That’s why it becomes important to ensure that your plans are flexible and can be changed according to situations and circumstances.

Following these steps could help you out in figuring a career option that will not only keep you satisfied but also make you love the work you do.

Other things you should keep in mind

Here are some other minor but pretty important tips that will help you in shaping up the future of your entire career experience

Never stop learning new things

The world we live in today is probably not going to be entirely the same tomorrow. Some developments and advancements happen every few minutes. These changes happen in all professions in every possible horizon.

If you think that learning something could benefit you in the future, go right ahead. Even if it is something you’re doing purely for the fun of it, you never know when it could help you out.

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Get some work experience

Gaining work experience for your career

Bookish knowledge and learning can take you only so far. In today’s world, practical knowledge is essential. Knowing the steps to do something is very different from actually doing it.

This knowledge is something that you will gain only through working in the field. You can gain this experience through internships or even working at a job part-time. They can prove to be very useful in the long run.

Gaining certifications

Gaining certifications for the betterment of your career

The knowledge that you hold about a particular subject is built on the foundations of hard work and experience. Gaining certifications will not only add to this knowledge, but it will also increase your value in the field of your business r profession.

These certifications will also act as additional motivators and will increase your expertise and confidence.

Choose your internships wisely

Internships are probably the first form of practical work experience that you may get in any field. Hence it becomes important to plan them out properly to ensure that you test the waters in all the branches of your field.

Say you’re doing law. What would be ideal is that you gain some experience in all its facets, like human rights, Intellectual property, medical law and so on. You could even try something like legal journalism.

Not only will you gain experience but your ability to assess which branch is best for you will increase.

I know that choosing a career is not easy. With the exposure that we get today, the simple task of figuring out your basic interests could be tricky.

In addition to that are peer and family pressures. It could turn out to be stressful if you don’t know where you’re headed.

Stay calm and keep yourself motivated. Not having a plan right from the get-go is something that all of us face. Ultimately, your career should be something that keeps you happy. It should be something that makes you get up in the morning with a smile on your face.

Follow your heart but let your brain think. Work hard. Sweat it out. And let me promise you, one day, your work and your achievements will make you happier than you ever thought you could be.

Choosing a career isn’t exactly a cup of tea. A lot of thought goes into this. Often students can find themselves lost with so much information thrown at them.

However, answers can be found when someone manages to ask the right questions. Keeping this in mind, we have listed down a bunch of questions. These will make to think so that you end up making an informed decision.

Thank you for sticking with us. All you gotta do now is fill in the information to get your copy of the questions!

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