Digital Careers: New-age Careers In The Digital World

Digital careers are a growing rage in today’s world. The demand for these jobs has been on a constant high for a while now. And why wouldn’t it be?

Technology has had a huge number of advancements in the past century. It has evolved by leaps and bounds through the pages of time. Today, it is an integral part of all our lives.

Companies worldwide have been trying their level best to not only make their products user-friendly but also to keep up with the world of technology. This has led to a significant rise in digital careers.

Interested in technology? Good with animations and code? There is a whole new range of developing careers and job opportunities out there just for you!

Here are a few options that you really should consider checking out before deciding on the realm you want to work in the arena of the digital world.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a part of emerging digital careers

In simple terms, cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services. Now, these services could be anything from applications to storage from a cloud service provider.

What generally happens is that a lot of companies tend to rent access to various computer-based services rather than own their own computing infrastructure.

This saves them from incurring a lot of cost upfront. They also do not need to take much effort to maintain their computer infrastructure.

They just need to rent out the service they wish to use from a cloud computing service provider and pay for the service they are using. Since IT is a fast-developing segment of our economy, the demand for people with knowledge of cloud computing has become essential.

The average salary of a person who works in cloud computing is appropriated to be 7-8 lakhs per annum. The amount you earn may vary according to your level of certification and your experience in the field.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is an integral part of digital careers

Now, this field is probably one that most of us have heard about. If there is one job option that’s gaining a lot of popularity in digital careers, it is artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence that can be showcased by machines. It is a big step that humanity is taking to make human life further easier.

As a person working in Artificial intelligence, you could be working in a wide range of areas. Some of them are data analytics, user experience, natural language processing, basic computer science and research and the one all of us know about, software engineering.

Since AI adoption has become a key concern among various companies and firms, it is estimated that AI shall create somewhere close to 2.3 million jobs in the future. This is what makes this option a good one in terms of the future.

There is going to be a want for professionals in the foreseeable future. Hence, if you are really into coding, machine learning and AI, it’s an opportunity you just cannot miss!

Ethical Hacking

Have you ever watched one of those spy movies and instantly googled up “How to become a hacker”? Well, if you are one among the very, very few people who actually got into learning to hack, this is the one for you.

Unfortunately, hacking is really not about finding top government secrets and hacking into detailed systems in the real world. When you’re talking of making it a part of digital careers, you are talking about ethical hacking.

Digital careers also includes ethical hacking

An ethical hacker is an authorized professional who works to finding vulnerabilities or threats in computing systems. This helps the organization to fix the vulnerabilities such that it becomes more convenient and user-friendly.

Currently, the starting salary point for an ethical hacker is 3-4 lakhs per annum. Again, since this is a field that is developing every day, it can be estimated that the demand for skilled professionals shall rise in the future.  

Digital Storytelling

Now, this is a very interesting option when it comes to digital careers.

Do you have a knack for telling stories? Are you really into the art of creating storylines and narrating incidents? Then this is the job that you are looking for!

To explain it in the most basic sense, digital storytelling is the practice of using computer technology to narrate stories. These stories can be creatively presented by the use of sound effects, multimedia, graphics and many more.

Digital storytelling is a creative avenue when it comes to digital careers

Digital storytellers are currently in demand in various fields. Some of the organizations that hire these professionals are media houses, educational technology builders, community centres and even businesses.

This is a venue in computer science that has made the art of narrating a more interactive activity. It connects the audience to the storyteller on a whole new level.  It is a bit of an out-of-the-box idea but if you are really into stories and narration, this could just be the perfect option for you.

Growth Hacking

Every business organization aims to grow and expand itself. Their very existence depends on selling more products and gaining more consumers. This is where a growth hacker comes in.

A growth hacker is a professional who attempts to come up with low-cost strategies to help organizations acquire and retain consumers. Their main aim is to identify channels to reach customers, measure the success of the organization and sort out growth priorities.

Growth hackers and digital careers are important to businesses

The three main strategies used by growth marketers is content marketing, advertising and product marketing. A good growth hacker utilizes different strategies as and when the situation demands them to do so.

The salary of a growth hacker depends on his or her experience and on the company, they are working in. Generally, the salary may average around to 5 lakhs per annum at the least.

Data Sciences

Data sciences is developing as a part of digital careers

The field of data sciences is a fast developing one when it comes to digital careers.  It is also one that is gaining a lot of popularity among the student community.

Data sciences is a mixture of various tools and algorithms with the goal to discover some patterns in raw data. A data scientist studies the current data available as well as the history of the data to help the management come up with decisions and make predictions for the future.

Various companies and firms choose to employ data science professionals since it gives them a better idea about the functioning of the company. It also gives them insights on how functioning could be better.

Here’s hoping that this list of digital careers could help you land on what is the best new emerging career option for you.  

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