Earrings; Over The Years And Trends Now

Earrings, they come in all shapes and sizes. The precious piece of jewellery truly moved on to be available at every street corner.

Someone once said “Change was the only constant“.

Everything around us changes, not a single day like the one before. So, when it comes to fashion as well, every day has a whole new collection of different designs. And in that essence let’s see the trends that passed, when it comes to the earrings that we wear today.

Ears through a looking glass

Early decades

Well, the past century has brought in a major revolution than any other century. The diversity and complexity that is radiated are undying in every field. Which also mean that fashion branches out from this as well.

From the beginning of the 20th century, we see an array of dramatic and fierce fashion trends every decade.

At the beginning of the 20th century and until the ’50s precious jewel revolved around the market. For example, until then gold, silver and stone-like diamonds, ruby, emerald and others.

Delicate, lean and long earing with a stuffed end was the style in the ’20s. The dainty framework was adored by women back then and is surely a piece to behold even today.

But by the ’30s the earrings ordered were studs from the dangling ones. The earrings were made from fine metals and the centre was fixed with precious stones.

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Introduction of Bakelite

Until then the world of plastic was unknown. In the ’40s Bakelite was a popular choice of jewellery.

They were colourful and marked the beginning of an entirely new range of jewellery known to man. The Bakelite jewellery, especially earrings created quite a buzz in major cities.

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The initial style branched out to metal earrings coated in enamel paints. The ’60s were filled with styles such as these and the popular designs were mostly floral.

A few years later began the trend of glass earrings. They were opaque and paved way for the hooped earrings as well.

Γ‰n Vogue – ’80s

The ’80s were truly the era of Vogue. The edgy and crisp designs captivated the public eye. The infusion of metal and plastic also with funky colours and patterns certainly enticed the vogue in the youth.

The metallic finish and small hoops were popular especially the younger generation.

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The ’90s too followed the same footsteps with a much more larger hooped earrings.

The trends today

The beginning of the 20th century was based on chandelier pattern. The elaborate and intricate pattern was careful and compact which appealed to the crowd.

On a global scale, a small piece of jewellery had managed to make such variation. Which also meant the wave of change had hit the Indian shores as well.

Firstly if you take up the Indian market, we have quite a challenge to pair the right pieces with the right attire. For a traditional India wear you have to pick out ethnic earrings and for a western outfit, a western earring.

So, for Indian wear special, there is a lot of handwork for the concerning area. For a wedding based on culture and religion, there is specific work. And if preparing for a festival then there is a certain kind of jewellery to be worn.

Overall the balance between is difficult to find and yet Indians have asked for it every single time. So kudos to that.

Trends today for the Indian fashion

This decade that we are in is almost coming to an end. As the decade rolls up, looking back at the trends that have stood out this year is quite interesting.

The diversity of Indian crowd makes our style also different, yet the combination of various elements from each has been successfully added to everyday wear.

The first style of earrings that we love is oxidized jewellery. The intricate and slightly rugged look of the oxidized jewellery, especially earrings have grabbed my attention and many others would agree on that as well.

Be it casual wear or traditional wear, these oxidised jewellery does the trick and I’m personally in love with them.

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Next, we have the tassels. The bohemian vibe has indeed mesmerized us all. They are unruly but adds in that element of extra to your outfits.

Even a simple outfit can be elevated using tasselled earrings, which by the way, comes in all shapes and sizes.

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I’m sure most of us have watched the movie Bahubali. The movie was a hit across the country and the earrings that Devasena (the character portrayed by Anushka Shetty) was sensational everywhere.

They sure grabbed the attention of many brides who rocked the look, without a doubt.

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Climber earrings have gained fame not just in India but the whole world. Instead of the typical earrings that drop down, this pattern had the piece climb up the pinna.

The concept hit many red carpet events and also rocked the everyday look easily.

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Hope you had an enlightening read. Please do share your views and personal choices in the comment section below. For many more, such interesting ideas for your winter outfits and home decor do check out our website.

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