Elevate Your Space To So Much More In Just 5 Steps

Why do you need to elevate your space? Simple; it will bring about a lot of positive changes in your life. Give it a try.

We are all stuck at home the past few months and the space that you live in might seem to become boring as the days pass.

You might not be working up to the level you wanted. Or you might have a dull feeling in general. This could all be changed and improved by just changing things around a bit.

Also, with Diwali round the corner, deep cleaning and re-decorating are in order. Take this opportunity to elevate your space and create a whole new look to your boring walls.

5 steps to elevate your space

1. De-clutter

elevate space

One of the most inexpensive ways to make things better is to clear the unwanted. Go through the things in your space and pick out the ones you haven’t used in a while.

Recycle what you think you might need and donate the rest. Allot a specific place for everything, that way you will avoid cluttering quickly.

2. Colour your walls

Well, it is no secret that when you re-do your walls, your space feels and looks much better. The fresh smell of paint and the whole process of choosing the right colour and style is absolutely chaotic and fun.

Yes, a good quality paint job is taxing and requires professionals to do the work as well. But, there are many other hacks to cut down the cost and avoid the hassle of others getting inside your homes especially with the present condition.

Grab a few brushes, paints, and a wall that you want to change. Select a simple design to incorporate and just have fun. If you feel you are a wobbly handed person like me then don’t worry and go for easy monochrome.

Without all the texture and patterns the task does start to look more simple. It is one of the simplest ways to elevate your space.

Now, depending on the space that you have picked the right colours and the best place to start is not picking your favourite colour for a full wall. Yes, I said it.

The more you see your favourite colour, the more you start disliking it gradually. If you are completely clueless, then a simple and neutral colour is a safer and better choice.

Classic white is one of the best options for all spaces. In the colour white, many other colours and elements can be incorporated. The added bonus is that the colour makes any space looks bigger and brighter.

3. Soft furnishing

Soft furnishing is not all the furniture that is soft but, rather all the fabric that is added into a decor. The material that is used on your couch, curtains, bed, pillows and everything that is related.

The first step to build and elevate your space is to wash and dust things up. Next, try to match and co-ordinate all your soft furnish to a particular texture or colour to bring out harmony.

Pick out a colour palette that you want to your room to look and feel, only after which change your soft furnishing. Planning is important because it helps you prevent unwanted purchases and also save money.

4. Lighting is every thing

elevate space

Lighting is of two kinds; natural lighting and artificial lighting. Natural lighting means the light fun the sun during the day. Now, windows are the primary spaces that let in bright light and good air inside.

The more natural light in a room increases the positive energy of that place improves the feel of the space overall. So, make sure to open up your windows and let some natural light inside.

elevate space

With regards to artificial lighting, this is something that is mostly used when it gets dark. Now pick the light depending on the room and the feel you want in that room.

For the living room pick a light that is full and lively as it one of the common areas. The same goes for the kitchen because it is a space where you need light to cook.

But, when it comes to the bedroom use adjustable lights that can be dimmed and brightened as per requirement.

These small changes in light fixtures can elevate your space to the next level. Addition of small table lamps or vintage light pieces can also work to your advantage.

5. Bring the green indoors

A plant inside the house always brings out the best in the space. It is said in that a plant inside the house can bring prosperity and goodness to all its dwellers.

Unlike a pet which can be tricky to look after inside, a plant is an easy maintenance. A little bit of water, sunlight (not for all species) and love can help the plant grow beautifully.

If all the soil and space it consumes is a bit of a hassle then terrariums are an excellent option. They are usually called a garden in a glass.

These are plants kept inside a glass jar or bottle. They consist of various species of plants that are arranged in a way to look like a world inside a glass jar.

Although terrariums look fancy and sophisticated it quite simple to make. In reality, it can be a fun DIY project for you and keep all your guest awestruck due to its brilliance.

elevate space

Now, along with this, you can add in your personal touch by incorporating your favourite smell like lavender or a rustic smell. Hope you all liked these tips to elevate your space during this festive season. Please do share your favourite tips in the comment section.

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