Fashion: A Complete Guide To Look And Feel Amazing

Ever wondered what is the role of fashion in your life?

Why should we dress well?

Fashionable couple

In our lives, we meet millions of people but we remember only a few. This is because we judge and choose whom we want to have a close relationship with.

And as our natural inclination goes, we always look at the appearance of a person first and then get to know them. It isn’t ‘wrong’ or ‘right’. It is a human tendency.

Imagine you are in a job interview; the panel will look at your self-presentation before they get to know you. And if you are not dressed accordingly, it portrays a negative image at the very beginning.

Dressing well is a form of good manners” – Tom Ford

Your way of presenting yourself is a direct indicator of what your character is. (Well don’t be fooled just by good dressing, it is an important quality but don’t let it rule your judgement).

When you dress well you receive the benefit of the doubt from your audience in most of the situations.

“Look good, feel good”

When you know you look your best your confidence also increases. Your style can empower you.

How to be stylish?

sorted clothes

Here are 5 simple points you should always keep in mind to choose what’s best for you:

  1. Style and creativity can be learned:

We all learn things over time, some sooner than the others. Your style is also similar, it takes time to put in your aesthetics to portray your best self.

2. You don’t need tons of money to be stylish:

There is a common misconception with money being an important attribute to your style, this is not true.

Wearing things that mean most to you or something that is associated with a positive experience is the beginning of your style. It could be a sweater that you won a competition in or a bracelet your mother gave. It could be anything

3. Have a shopping and styling strategy:

Create a list and purchase according to the look or style you prefer. This will help you from unnecessary purchase and creating the desired look without straying away too much.

4. Find your personal style:

It is easier to gravitate around your fashion choice if you have a look planned or the style that you are trying to achieve. Be it a professional or casual look, knowing what you want can de-stress shopping.

5. If you love them wear them:

The most important part, wear what you love. If you love what you wear you will be happier and that joy simply radiates, making everyone around you happy as well.

Budget planning


Fun fact: When we think of shopping our body automatically releases Dopamine-happy hormone, this naturally lifts our spirits. The prefrontal cortex in our brain is the decision-making area and the Insula is the pain zone.

So when deciding to buy clothing the Dopamine released makes it difficult for the Insula to work, which ends up in the decision to purchase the product both necessary or unnecessary.


Money is an important factor in our lives and shopping for clothes can burn a hole in your wallet if you don’t take care of your expenses. Clothes are necessary but remember to spend within your means. Be wise.

Take care of all your responsibilities and then move on to fashion or set a budget to control your expenses. This way at the end of the month you will have a reasonable bill without the guilt.


Always keep your income and your liabilities in mind. If you are a person who indulges in fashion, stays updated with the trend, fix a limit to your expenses. Set aside 5-10% of your income to shop every month.

Shop based on need: If you are a student with a dress code or you work in a sector which has uniform for its employees, then the need for your daily outdoor outfit is limited.

Whereas a person in the fashion industry or TV personnel require much more stylish clothes. Shop your clothes according to your need. This helps in identifying and cutting down unnecessary expenses.

Now if you are not a person who shops every month but rather an occasional shopper or a need-based shopper, then it is likely that your budget is more than a frequent shopper. This is also an effective way to shop and save money.

Commit: For any plan to work, one must always commit and work towards it. In the same way, when you are budget shopping, you must commit and maintain it.

Track your expenses: In the beginning, it will be difficult to set boundaries but when you start tracking, you will notice a steady decrease in your bill, which is very satisfying.

A visual proof like bills or receipts collected over the months can work wonders for your spending habits.

Carry-overs: There may be instances when you have seen an amazing piece which might be crossing your monthly limit and yet you end up buying it. It’s alright, we are only human. In that case, make sure to carry-over the extra amount paid and subtract it from your next month’s budget.

Tips and trends for teens and young-adults

young adult fashion

Teenage is a very confusing time. Different feelings pop-up along with a million questions due to a sudden flush of hormones.

Every teenager wants to look their best. And the fashion influence is usually from social media, peers or even a celebrity.

Fun fact: In a teenager’s prefrontal cortex, which is the decision-making area is still developing, which causes them to make a slightly poor judgement in the choices. So, this is a trial and error period for most at this age.

Each one has their style and this is the time for exploring it. But remember, you are also creating an impression which depicts who you are. So always make sure to choose wisely, give an extra bit of thought before you wear an outfit.

Make sure you don’t end up making these styling mistakes, Styling Mistakes Most Students Make.

When it comes to makeup, remember ‘less is more.” Let your skin’s natural shine be your primary goal. In the long run, makeup does affect your tender growing skin in an unhealthy way.

Tip: Try avoiding heavy foundation, dark eye shadow and lipstick. Go for a tinted lip balm or gloss for the lips.

Want healthy and clear skin? Check out this article on taking care of your skin; Best Skincare Products For Girls.

Teen and young adult fashion trends

  1. Multi-layered clothes
multi-layered clothes

2. Over-sized outfits

over-sized outfits

3. Denim variants

denim outfits

4. Sneakers with dresses

sneakers and dress

5. Bright colors

bright colors

6. Monochrome

monochrome outfit

7. funky glasses

funky glasses

Fashion trends of 2020

2020 fashion trend

The year 2020 has indeed paved the way for some innovations in fashion as well as the remastering of the ’50s until the ’90s era.

International trends:

From patterns to polka-dots and suits to sheer, different styles are incorporated in this year’s most popular choices.

international fashion

Psychedelic patterns

psychedelic pattern

Use of vivid colours and recurring patterned fabric into beautiful dresses, shirts and skirts are the ones to explore. Christian Kane’s collection 2020 along with Prada, Gucci, Fendi and many more featuring this style with different variants.   

Exaggerated collars

Back in the ’70s and ’80s, this style was quite popular but faded out as the years passed. But a new image has brought back the large collars in style.

J.W Anderson, Victoria Beckham and many other designers have presented such collars in their collections this year.

Faux leather for spring

Leather by itself gives a dangerous vibe, but this is reimagined in bright, vibrant and pastel shades for a fun spring-summer wear.

With faux leather skirts, shirts, coats and much more. Alexander McQueen featured a wonderful faux leather with pink floral which was quite eye-catching.


In general, vests are a part of a three-piece suit but vests can be paired with skirts and shorts to give a simple yet put-together look. Gucci’s tan vest and Burberry’s collections are simply exemplary.

Suits with knee-length shorts/ Business Bermuda

Suiting with shorts instead of trousers is a major turn in the fashion industry. The look carries a fun yet business combination that is rare to find.

Find amazing pieces from Christian Dior spring-summer collection 2020 and Tom Ford’s Collection offered a hot pink version as well.



This flimsy fabric has been prevalent through the past few years and is still in trend. Valentino spring-2020 collection has put forth some wonderful pieces. Gucci produced multiple fine pieces in this season as well.


polka dots

Back in style, this retro fashion is brought back in-style by Balmain, Wes Gordon and many more designers. The simplicity and fun patterns are added with twists to give a more enticing approach.

Indian Trends 2020

Indian fashion


Fabrics like Organza silk, georgette, chiffon and more are back in style. These outfits are the trending wedding or party wear for the year.

Digital and hand-printed sarees


Digital printed sarees gives an elegant yet simple look. The simplicity of these designs makes it casual as well as occasional wear when paired with the right accessories.

India is a diverse country having specific patterns and traditional designs to each specific region, which are well expressed in the form of sarees. This ethnicity is what gives that perfect look which has been in trend these past couples of years.

Sequence and shimmer work

sequence dress

The shine from sequence and the shimmered fabric is focused this year. The work is designated to only certain pieces of the outfit to maintain a balanced look.

Mirror work

Mirror work never goes out of style. The patterns change but the ultimate output is beautiful. It could be a mirror work dupatta to a monochrome Kurti and pants or a mirror work lehenga for an occasion.

Uni color

uni colour

 Maintaining a single colour scheme throughout the outfit is lately been a popular choice. This gives an elongated look and works well for every body type.

Puffed sleeves

Again, a retro look with a few twists has become a highlight of today’s top trends. Puffed sleeves were prominent until the ’90s but then disappeared. But since they are back in trend, dig out from your old wardrobe collection and stay in trend.


With the recent set back it is not exactly possible to incorporate such fashion into our lifestyle. But you can still be stylish using a protective face mask.

A project by designer Marine Serre during Paris fashion week last year featured many outfits with a face mask as an accessory. So, Stay safe – Stay healthy.

face mask

5 simple self care during lock down

1. Organic face-packs

Since we are all indoors, use this time to pamper yourself, with natural home supplies to attain glowing skin.

An organic face pack, with turmeric and yoghurt, is a natural tan removing agent. The turmeric acts as an exfoliant and also gives a subtle golden glow.

face pack

2. Korean face masks

A hydrating face pack help the skin from ageing and wrinkles. The hydration helps in preventing irreversible stretching of the skin and Korean masks are simply the best.

korean face mask

3. Eye care

Dark circles are problems most of us face. An easy remedy for this is to use sliced cucumber or potato that is chilled on the eye for 10 mins, every day for effective results.

eye care

4. Exercise

Stay indoors and indulge in exercises like Yoga, Pilates, Zumba dancing and much more. You can also turn it into a family exercise and have fun.


Although a lot of unexpected twists were brought in this year, fashion-wise, the art and craftwork presented were phenomenal.

Also with time during this lock-down, reinvent yourself to be the best version ever seen with the help of the pointers above. The simple cut back and principles could help you attain a new approach towards shopping efficiently and better self-care.

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