Fashion Magazines Of India That Top Their Game

Fashion magazines are indeed a great platform for women and the fashion world that is commonly associated with them.

Yes! women love the beauty, fashion and the whole package that comes with it. In terms of fashion and upliftment, India has come a long way from the Bengal Gazette to Femina; the first every fashion magazine.

Fashion magazines on a global platform like Vogue, Elle and many more are by far the best. But, India too has a rich heritage and a beautiful essence of diversity that stands out especially when it comes to fashion and fashion magazines.

And fashion, which is a billion-dollar industry, is indeed is portrayed through these fine glossy sheets of the fashion magazines. We have seen earlier fashion magazines that are popular worldwide so, here are-

Some of the top fashion magazines in India today

India is a country of diversities. So, finding the best fashion magazine in English with relevant fashion content can be hard. Well, here are the top fashion magazines among the wide range available today:

1. Femina

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Femina is one of the oldest fashion magazines in India. The very first magazine was published in the year 1959. The fashion magazine is also available in various languages like Hindi, Tamil and Bengali.

The idea was to uplift women to find and develop their potential in various fields. They were also the sponsors of the Miss India pageant.

The magazines spoke on topics like fashion, sports, health, wellness and much more. The current Editor-in-Chief is Tanya Chaitanya who has been serving from the year 2007.

2. Vogue; India

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This popular magazine was first launched in India in the year 2007. This is one of the top magazines for fashion globally and to no surprise is one of the leading fashion magazines in India too.

The Editor-in-chief is again an iconic figure Anna Wintour for the U.S edition. The magazine focuses on various old and new and unique designs.

Also for the first time ever, Vogue India let Sabyasachi Mukherjee be the Guest Editor for the September 2019 issue. He is the proud owner and designer of the house of Sabyasachi. The issue featured Priyanka Chopra Jones who looked fierce and chic in her Boho outfit.

3. Marie Claire

Marie Claire

This French fashion magazine first came to India in the year 2005. It deals with health, fashion, wellness and of course fashion. The magazine often publishes stories that inspire the audience and keeps the readers captivated.

The various visions of empowerment for women through beauty and fashion is highly focused.

4. Harper’s Bazaar

The fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar hit the Indian shelves in the year 2009. The inaugural copy is known to have had 200 pages. This being one of the reasons for the magazine to be known as the encyclopedia of fashion back then.

The magazine deals with a variety of topics related to today’s trends and fashions ideologies from across the globe.

5. Grazia

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Italy is one of the hubs for fashion. Popular luxury fashion houses are rooted there like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana and many more.

So, it’s no surprise that Grazia too branched out into the world. From the red carpet to the everyday streetwear, they have tips and stories for all.

6. Cosmopolitan

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Be it health, wellness, B-town celeb update, fashion career tips and fashion itself, Cosmo has it all. It is a one-stop destination for all your fashion and trend updates. This is one of the fashion magazines that young designers love and keep up with.

So, if you too want to keep up with what’s up in town today, then head out to a bookstore and find these fashion magazines. To know more about more fashion-related updates, check out our website for more.

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