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Movies and fashion are guilty pleasures for most. Who wouldn’t like to have both in a single twist? Introducing, Fashion movies!

So, without a drag here are some amazing movies that introduced and revolved around various levels and inspiration in the fashion world:


1. The Devil wears Prada – 2006

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The Devil wears Prada- an iconic movie that bagged awards and appreciation from across the globe for its remarkable portrayal of the inner working of the fashion world.

Anna Wintour the editor-in-chief of the Vogue magazine is a well-known celebrity in the fashion world. An incredible embodiment of the difficulties and sacrifices to bring out some of the most stunning pieces is not as simple as it looks.

Meryl Streep portrays a fictional life of a person, Miranda in Anna’s position, hires a young fresher Andrea (Anne Hathway). Anne is a misplaced individual looking for a job at a publishing house. However, ends up as an assistant to Miranda.

The journey of Andrea in this field is what the movie is based on. A beautiful depiction of the various winding roads and challenges faced there every day.

If you are seriously considering fashion as a career, this movie will help you. This is one of the best fashion movies

2. The Dressmaker – 2015

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We are all unique but why exactly is there a need to dress up? Why should we actually invest in good attire?

Well, although the fact that clothes are not everything, is true, it is something. Yes, we all have unique personalities but that is mostly on the inside. Clothes are just an external reflection of how you want to show yourself to this world.

The Dressmaker is one of those fashion movies that encourage you to transform yourself into a better you. The phrase “Look good, feel good” is the best way to put the movie in simple words.

The dressmaker- Tilly Dunnage is played by Kate Winslet. Where she arrived back to her hometown, the welcome she received was not quite warm. But her persuasive ways made her get into the people’s hearts.

She transforms their lives by being the best seamstress that tailored the town to their inner self. It is one of a kind movie and is worth checking out.

3. Confessions of a Shopaholic – 2009

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We all like shopping. But for some, shopping turns into a never-ending pit that needs to be filled. Confessions of a Shopaholic is a tale of one such person, Rebecca Bloomwood played by Isla Fisher. She is obsessed with clothes,shoes and everything else.

This is one of the fashion movies that explore a variety of fashion luxury brands and pieces. Along with the insane lengths Rebecca goes to acquire them.

Every action has its opposite reaction and that is true for Rebecca too. She soon goes into major debt with the bank for not repaying her credit card bill.

The story revolves around the theme of her getting back on her true feet, getting hold of her expenses to a plausible level. However, the aesthetics of the movie is what draws me personally to it.

4. Sex and the city – 2008/ 2010

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A long-running series that turned into two of the best fashion movies. Sex and the City is a must-watch for fashion enthusiasts.

The story revolves around the lives of four New York-based friends who are exploring various stages in their lives. It is a typical pick for a carefree movie night and is simply entertaining.

But beyond that, the matter of fabulous outfits and accessories would make anyone dream of those.

Sarah Jessica Parker who is the main lead in the movie plays Carrie Bradshaw who has a glamorous closet that is drool-worthy and a one to check out without question.

5. Coco before Chanel – 2009

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Chanel is one of the luxury brands that are high up there and famous. But how did Chanel become the Chanel we know today?

The movie captures the is a beautiful journey of Coco Chanel or Gabrielle Chanel who from being an orphan goes to become one of the most renowned fashion designers in the world. The story captures her life but certainly consists of dresses and outfits that are divine.

6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – 1961

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A classic that takes one back to the elite lifestyle of Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn). She lives in an upscale area of New York. The glitz and the glam staged in the movie is what kept the people interested in the film and some fashion elements being applicable even today.

Needless to say that this movie is a timeless classic and one of the best fashion movies ever made.

7. Legally Blonde -2001

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Beauty and brains is a combination that is said to be tough to find especially in the earlier social standards.

But Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) stopped that notion for good when she set foot in Harvard Law School tailing her crush/no good of a boyfriend. But her blonde hair and pretty chic outfits scream anything other than a serious law student.

Through the course of the movie the evolution of Elle Woods into a strong attorney is inspirational and a worthy watch at all times.

8. Iris – 2016

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“Go big or go home”; a phrase that some people take to heart and live their lives in the most extravagant way as possible. Iris Apfel, young 93-year-old women lived life like never before.

The movie/documentary portrays a beautiful mind that had a keen eye for fashion and art that inspired her inner soul to bring out amazing pairing in fashion.

The maximalist style that enhances the beauty that is authentic and explores the idea of “overdoing” one’s personal style.

Her crazy and creative ways have been an inspiration has been an inspiration for creative art students. Possibly one of the few fashion movies with an elderly protagonist.

9. Oceans 8 – 2018

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Oceans 8 deals with a group of 8 women who plans a heist and loots the Met Museum in New York on the Met Gala.

The cast comprises of  Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna, and Helena Bonham Carter.

If that does not inspire you, then the gorgeous inside of the Met Gala and the glam and dinner should. So, go ahead and give this movie a shot.

10. Bill Cunningham New York – 2010

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Today’s diverse street wear would not be accessible and known to popular culture without this remarkable man, Bill Cunningham. The creative mind that captured candid of the common New York folk, added to the global appreciation for common everyday fashion.

The life of Bill is beautifully transcribed into a movie that depicts the wonders hidden in plain sight. The 80-year-old fashion photographer finds his way through the maze around New York city, captures beauty with is good ole’ camera.

Even the famous Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour quotes ” We all get dressed for Bill” who seems to know the amazing ways and unique vision of the aged soul. His life is truly inspirational to everyone and especially to anyone aspiring to be a fashion photographer.

Some honorable mentions of movies that did justice to fashion.


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The Great Gatsby

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Hope these amazing movies idea get you through the weekend and inspire your creative side.

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