How To Rock A Date Night; Tips And Tricks

So you got a date coming up and you are confused about how to go on with it? Then my friend we are all on the same boat. Although the date itself gives you butterflies in your stomach, there are certain issues we all come across.


The questions such as ‘Am I overdressed? Or am I underdressed? Am I wearing too much make-up? Or am I not wearing enough make-up? Is my hair alright?’ And another million thoughts are always racing through your head.

Well, here’s a tip. Stop!!!!

You’re here to let loose and have some fun with someone whom you think is fun. So, why complicate things and overwork yourself. Remember no one can make you feel less without your permission. You choose how to feel, hence be who you really are without the constant worry.

Well, with that being said to boost confidence, let’s move on to some helpful tips to bring out the best version of yourself. Also, to play around with different looks you can try out for your upcoming date.

Hair and make-up for a date


Well, while on a date you want to look open and not scare the person off. And this is more suited for your first date. You are both unsure of how exactly the other person is. You are both testing waters, hence keeping things light would be a simple and easy choice.

Get comfortable and be you. My personal favourite is to even out my face with a small portion of B.B cream of a light coat of foundation and highlighting my favourite feature; my eyes. A nude shade of lipstick and natural waves for my hair, I’m done. The point is to just relax and feel free to go subtle.

The thing with heavy foundation or make-up for your first date is the problem of your make-up getting ruined. The temperature or your activities during the date could mess up your make-up making it a bit uncomfortable.

But the more you get comfortable with the person or if you are a person who feels the best with a gorgeous make-up, then go for it.

You want to be little flirty and tease a bit too, playing with a hair around your fingers is a good move. For that, you need to loosen up your hair play with the ends or simple run fingers through your hair, without a ton product stopping you from it.

Should I wear this or that?

Picking outfits for your date is honestly one of the hardest things to do. Is the outfit supposed to be casual or dressy or if it is for a party or a fancy restaurant, What is the possible answer? So, here are a few picks to dress up for your date.

Keeping it Casual with pants

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Simple denim with a cute yet perfectly sexy blouse will 100% do the trick. They are easy to pull off and not high maintenance at all. It comfortable and still manages to be right in the spot-light.

Sometimes outfits can make you cautious about the way you sit or your body-language restricting. Hence an outfit like this makes you worry a little about having slip-ups.

For a day time date, something a bit more loose and airy like loose trousers or palazzos with a simple tank-top or any top would also be perfect. During the day it’s comparatively hotter and such outfits gives you room to have fun without being uncomfortable.

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A soft touch to your date

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A soft and mild touch to your outfit is also a great choice to bring out your personality. The mild finish of a casual top or a soft knit sweater with a simple skirt or pants just brings out a subtle outlook.

Its simply effortlessly chic and brings out a soft nerdy vibe to your look. This look especially works if you a student and are still figuring out your way around fashion.


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There is something rather refreshing about florals that makes you want to get out there and do something fun. A nice floral dress with a jacket and simple sneakers is unquestionably cute.

This is a perfect wear for a date and not be too much or too less for any place you’re headed to. So, slipping into something floral is a smart choice too if you are too confused.

Neutrals for dates

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Neutrals just have a way of working into every stream, like be it a workwear or date wear. If you have a tough day at work and also have a date following it, then, neutrals are your go-to.

A nice neutral dress or loose trousers with simple accessories could work for your office wear and by the end of the day upgrade it to date wear. Add on some nice jewellery and a darker lipstick and voila! your fabulously date ready.

Little black dress

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One can never go wrong with a little black dress. It’s that one outfit that is versatile and makes you look good without any hassle. A black dress is your lifesaver in any situation (even for a funeral- no kidding).

Hence picking a little black dress for your date and pairing it with a bit edgier make-up and if throwing on some heels will indeed make you top your fashion game.

Party night

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There are days when you are out on a date at a party and when it is a party you want to be edgy. So pairing something that has that bling element to it is a great choice. A more dramatic make-up is perfect for the place you are headed to. So, don’t be afraid to go all out.

The ‘I’m so fancy’ look

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Going for a fancy dinner? Then, girl, you gotta wear that fancy outfit you own. A nice cocktail dress or a one-piece with elegant make-up sets you right on top without having to worry about being under-dressed. Go for a more classy vibe and you are all good for the night.

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