J.K. Rowling: The Writer Who Made Me Believe In Magic

The 11-year-old me clutched a book in her hand. “Harry Potter and the Philosophers’ Stone by J.K. Rowling ” was printed with thick ink on the cover.

J.K. Rowling. One of the most prominent writers of our time.

As I turned the pages absentmindedly to the first chapter and read the first few lines, I had no idea how much I would immerse myself in the magical world that is showcased.

I yearned to have a wand of my own and to cast spells and charms with it. My eternal wish upon a star became to go to Hogwarts one day.

I learnt what true friendship and love are, laughed at the hilarious jokes and pranks the characters pulled and cried when some of my favourites died.

At the end of the seventh book, I felt myself get teary, not because it was a sad ending, but because what I had cherished for the past few months had come to an end.

J.K. Rowling so beautifully crafted a book that stands as a memory and an inspiration in every child’s life. What had been stories of magic and fantasies to me was a way of getting out of her dark reality to her.

Tragedies strike hard

On a simple train ride, as she was staring out the window, the idea of Harry Potter hit J.K. Rowling. Thoughts of the magical world flooded her brain. She scribbled everything onto tissue papers since she didn’t have anything else to write them on.

J.K. Rowling writing Harry Potter

From that one single idea, she started to develop the world of Harry Potter. She explored how she could take the story forward. She wrote character after character, scene after scene, with her heart and soul.

Unfortunately, all her writing came to a standstill when her mother passed away. It left her devastated.

She moved to Portugal to teach English. There she met a man, fell in love and got married. Things were initially going fine but soon, they took a turn for the worse. Within a year of marriage, Rowling had the divorce papers in her hands and her infant daughter to take care of.

Old picture of J.K. Rowling

This was one of the darkest periods in her life. J.K. Rowling even believes that she was clinically depressed at that time. She was poor, had a daughter to raise and had to sustain herself in the society as a single mother. Nothing seemed to be going right.

However, one thing did go right. The first Harry Potter book was ready to be published.


Finishing a book is one thing, publishing it is another, even if your book is freaking Harry Potter. Not one, not two but 12 publishers rejected the first book of Harry Potter. It seemed like a hopeless cause but J.K. Rowling did not give up.

Finally, the manuscript of Harry Potter landed on the footsteps of Bloomsbury Publications. This time it wasn’t the publisher who read it. It was his little daughter and that seemed to make a world of difference. She loved it.

Finally, in the year 1997, the first book of Harry Potter was published.

The taste of success

J.K. Rowling in a still picture

Harry Potter didn’t gain much popularity until its second book was published. From then on, sales skyrocketed. The story of the boy with the broken spectacles and messy hair won the hearts of billions of people all around the world.

Do you know what’s special about Harry Potter? It isn’t the famous people that starred in its movie. It isn’t the fancy book covers either.

What makes Harry Potter and its writer special to me is the fact that they gave me belief. J.K. Rowling through her books as well as her own life showed me that no matter how bad things get, you will always have the capability to make them better.

It gave me belief that maybe, just maybe, magic does exist.

There’s magic in the friendships you hold close to the heart. The small smiles that creep onto your cheeks when some small thing gives you joy, there’s magic there too. Magic exists in those moments when you lost belief in everything but still kept trying.

There was that spark of magic in your eyes when you decided that you would pursue your dreams, no matter what it cost.

But do you know where the real, most powerful magic exists? It lives amongst us. It dwells in our dreams, in our aspirations, in the work we put into it. It’s waiting to be unleashed onto the world.

The real magic, the one that the world is waiting to watch, is within you.

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