Layers For Winter; Keep Yourself Warm And Cosy

Layers for winter? That’s a far fetched thought for me. Well, here’s what happened.

Winter! A magical season that presents itself in white variants. The chilly weather makes warmth the most pleasant feeling. Well, these are the fantasies that we all fantasize.

This was the very feeling that I experienced when I first had taken a trip up north to the borders of India up the Himalayas. Although the journey was wonderful, the most unexpected thing was how cold the winter would be.

We, southern people, especially haven’t experienced much of the cold climate as we are more prone to the tropical paradise. So, the contrast in the climate was night and day and I was certainly under-prepared.

Winter wonderland was all I dreamt off and I certainly did pack some woollens. But those were much suited to the cold we experience in the southern hill stations. So, staying warm in this weather was not an easy task. It included me shopping for them on the spot.

So, here are a few things I learnt from my experience and are the most useful tips while moving or staying in such zones. Because no matter the matter, we always want to look fashionable.

One of the best things about layering your outfits is that each of these pieces can be used separately. That work well together and alone giving versatility to your clothing. And, a bonus is that they can also be repeated and no one would easily know the difference. So, here are some

Cool tips to layer and get cosy.

Winter clothes will usually make you look like an oversized marshmallow or more like Joey in Chandler’s clothes, with all layers (hope you caught my drift).


Let go of the outdated ways this winter and start afresh. Yes, winter can be harsh on your body and layers are a must to keep you warm. But who said they should be boring and dull.

Basic layers

The very first layer is mostly tight fitted and firm wear. It is actually quite efficient in protecting your body from the heat by compressing it slightly. Also, this reduces the bulking to a considerable extent.

If you are in or going to a region with harsh winters then a thermal bodysuit or thermal layer would absolutely be wonderful.



This is generally when you put on your shirt or dress or anything. Essentially the layer where you dress for the occasion if it is a fancy party with an elegant dress or just another regular day of school or work.

Well, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you need to pay attention here. It might not be the dress or the shirt people notice first but once indoors you still have to get out of all the upper layers.

So, pick out good fitted and compact clothes. This will help you not to look bulked up.


Upper layers

This is your sweater or cardigan. These layer needs to be a warm layer even if all the other inner layers aren’t. This is the layer that builds the warmth.

They will mostly be the layer seen as you walk down the street. So, essentially a cute sweater will do the trick. Keep it simple if you are planning on many more layers.

Also, tip; if you are wearing a dress then make sure to on a pair of warm tights or leggings. Mostly your top half would be all warm and cosy while that might not apply to your legs.

Top layers

This layer consists of your overcoats or insulated coats. For an above-average winter, overcoats are a good option.

They are normally thicker than all the other layers and also some are waterproof. This ensures that the melted ice doesn’t seep in and get the other layers wet.


The outer layer can be a bright pop to a usual neutral coloured. If you are feeling up to it then even fur or feathered ones go work perfectly well.


Well, yes. Shoes, belts, scarves and so much more come into this. Whatever you do, during winters, your feet should be covered the most and protected from the harsh weather. This is because our feet are the closest to the ground and get cold faster.

They are known to be prone to frostbites other than the ears or the nose. So, do opt for a good pair of waterproof footwear this season. And also some thick woollen socks.

Also check out winter boots and shoes.

Next are the scarves. Most often we forget to think about the neck that could also get cold and lead to hypothermia even faster. Hence, a scarf will always be a good option alongside a beanie. Keep your head covered and stay warm especially when cold winds blow.

Also, make sure to have a good pair of mittens or gloves that are resistant to water to keep your hands warm.

Different ways to layer

These are the basic guidelines to stay warm but it does not have to be so monotonous. So, here are some of the looks to go for according to your mood.

1. Bad guy

Not the Billie Ilish song but more in the tone to the emotion of the song. A dark exterior to go with the gloomy weather.

This can be easily achieved with just pairing a lot of black elements or dark elements into your look. A leather jacket would be wonderful to go with this.

2. A cute and cosy pastel look

Pastel shades or tones would be the ideal pick for this look. They express a happy and cute vibe that is quite eccentric. They are a light shade of brightness that perfectly balances out the dull winter.

3. Neutrals

Beige, brown, blanks and other simple colour schemes add into this look. They bring a sense of warmth with standing out and yet being elegant at the same time.

They are easy to pair and still be stylish making it one of my personal favourite looks.

4. Pop winter

Just as the name goes the look does pop out. The winter blues are definitely kicked off with these vibrant shades of warm wear. In this look, any piece from your outfit could stand out.

A bright yellow overcoat or a tangerine patterned skirt, there are so many more choices to complete this look. I love the way it adds an element of fun and fashion during the mellow weather.

Apart from these, there are many more looks and brilliant combinations out there to build up your winter look. So, let us know in the comments below about your favourite look or the one you like apart from these.

Hope these tips help you to build a better winter wardrobe than mine when I went for a tour up north.

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