Pick Up Limes; Why Should You Subscribe To It

Roughly 2 years ago, I was scrolling lazily through YouTube (read; wasting time) and I came across the channel Pick Up Limes.

Although the first video was the usual Morning Routine kind of video, there was something about the woman that made me me check out the rest of her videos. Haven’t looked back since.

In the last 2 years, there hasn’t been a single video that Sadia (founder of the Pick Up Limes) posted that I have missed. There is something inherently calm about the videos and the way they are shot that I can sit and watch them for hours.

So what’s so special about Pick Up Limes? In short, the channel mostly deals with vegan recipes that I, a hardcore non-veg take inspiration from. Let me take you through that.

The Founder; Sadia Badiei

Pick Up Limes
Image Credits- pickuplimes

A certified dietician and nutritionist, Sadia is a native of Canada who now currently lives in the Netherlands. In one of her Question-answer formatted videos, she admitted that she had never thought that she would be making videos for YouTube as a part of her career.

Like many children born to Asian parents, Sadia too attended Medical School and practiced as licensed nutritionist before starting her career on YouTube. Her initial videos were mostly vlogs from her travel diaries.

It wasn’t until much later that she took it seriously and boy are we glad that she did! She puts out amazing content from usual lifestyle videos to recipes to travel ideas and home dΓ©cor. It’s no surprise that went a few thousand subscribers to over 2 million in 2 years.

The Channel; Pick Up Limes

Pick Up Limes
Image Credits- pickuplimes

Coming to the content of the channel, Pick Up Limes mainly concentrates on food, nutrition and cooking but you will also find a whole bunch of videos on various other related topics.

Sadia is a minimalist and this reflects perfectly in the aesthetics of her videos. She has videos on minimalism, travelling, productivity, indoor plants and many more.

You can also watch her videos in case you want videos on lifestyle, which is a new trend for the past couple of years.

Now, coming to the most impressive part of Pick Up Limes, the FOOD! When a pure vegan channel can capture the attention of a non-veg for years, you know it is bound to be great.

Breakfast ideas for when you have time and when you don’t, lunch ideas, tiffin ideas, desserts, arranging for a feast; everything is covered by Puck Up Limes.

One of my favourite videos is Epic Desserts To Impress; needless to say that I have already tried out the recipes on my own and I blame that for my weight gain.

The Pick Up Limes Community

Image Credits- pickuplimes

Outside YouTube, the Pick Up Limes community has increased immensely. One can be a part of this inspiring community by just signing up through the official website of the same name.

You will have access to all the perks that Sadia designs for the community and even contribute to it.

The tagline, ‘”Nourish the Cells and the Soul” is a perfect description of what this community stands for. And for that reason alone, you should be subscribing to this amazing channel and show it some love!

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