Sneak Into The Trending Sneakers Game

A pair of sneakers is the most timeless piece in fashion. Be it a casual or a classy wardrobe, sneakers are a must.

They say change is the only constant and just like that sneakers too had branched out from its roots. The rubber soiled shoe from the 1893s has become more than that today.

The sneakers have evolved into comfortable wear that is perfect for different terrains and also an awesome street-wear.

A good pair does not come easy and although they look simple they come with a hefty price. So, here is a list of my personal favourites from 2020.

Here are the top sneakers to invest in-

Nike Air Max 200 Sneaker

Nike Air Max 200 Sneakers is a classic with a bold twist. They feature a wonderfully funky pattern with bold colors. The style is retro with the addition of height. The look is undeniably funky and steps up your style.

New Balance 624 Sneakers

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The 80s style is back in business. The New Balance 624 Sneakers is one of the popular looks that Princess Diana styled back in the ’80s.

The style was the talk of the town back then and is indeed making a comeback this year. They are comfortable and adds on to your fashion game.

Gucci Ace Leather Sneakers

All white is also a look that is back in style from the past. The Gucci Ace Leather Sneaker is just the right leather white pair that you need to end your year with.

Its is of the perfect size and not too chunky, that adds the bonus of a chic and stylish look. The idea of the shoe is minimal classic and hence tips into the purpose without any hassle.

Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers


The unique centre of the Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers is one of the reasons that make it special. The edgy design and quirky colour pattern is indeed an easy pick to your wardrobe.

The shoe is light and different from how heavy it looks. It is a personal favourite for many A-listers.

Vans Classic Slip-On Sneakers


Vans are the best street style wear to have ever existed in my personal view. Any Vans are down to elevate your personal style in a breeze.

Be it a relaxing weekend cycling or a casual dinner with friends or shopping, Vans are your best bet. And so, it is one of the top picks of the year.

Comme des Garcons Play + Converse half heart chuck 70 high top

The Comme des Garcons Play + Converse (half heart chuck 70 high top sneakers) is a fun collaboration.

The collection features a casual high-top and low-top sneakers that has a cute heart peeking out. The cute nature of the shoe is what makes it a favourite of many around the globe.

Well, I hope these sneakers help you pick out the right ones to invest in and also build your fashion game. Do share your thoughts and personal favourites in the comment section below.

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