Spirituality In Today’s World; Why and How?

If you google the term ‘spirituality’, you are likely to get a definition along the lines of being concerned or attached to the human spirit instead of being attached to material things.

However, over the years, the meaning of spirituality has expanded to the point that people (mostly atheists) would recognise themselves as being ‘spiritual’ instead of religious.

That is not to say that religious people cannot be spiritual. But what exactly is spirituality and why does it deserve some attention from everybody?

A take on Spirituality

Although a really broad concept, spirituality mainly means looking outside the material comforts and searching for the meaning of life. A connection to something bigger than ourselves but not to a deity of any kind.

Why do we need Spirituality?

In the fast-paced world that we live today, we hardly get time for ourselves. Being alone with our thoughts can be the stuff of nightmare for many people. As a college student, I personally find it difficult to be content with what I have.

This may be because of the excessive use of social media and access to the information at my fingertips. Someone is always leading a better life than I am. And social media sites highlight this aspect so much that the mental peace of people is distorted.


In such situations, as cliché, as it may sound, practising gratitude, can help us out. And being more aware of our spiritual side can help us in leading a happier and content life. I mean, who wants to live their whole lives comparing themselves with others?

This all seems sceptical, doesn’t it? Well, I can agree with you on that. It does. I am well aware that some people will find it difficult and challenging to put logic, science and spirituality together. And that is completely fine.

People are diverse and what one finds peaceful, the other may not. This article is for people who are looking to understand why spirituality plays such an important role in one’s life.

Benefits of Spirituality

Whether you consider yourself to be a spiritual person or not, spirituality has several health benefits.

Improved emotional state


Spirituality can improve your relations with your family and friends. This will in turn help people dealing with emotional pain and loss better.

Spiritual people generally have a positive attitude and outlook on life. They tend to be happier and in turn, have a positive effect on people around them.

Better immunity

Spirituality keeps the stress under control which otherwise would wreak havoc on our immunity systems.

Spiritual practices can help you combat the stress levels and trust me; your body will thank you for that. Better immunity system would mean that your body can take better care of you.

Stress buster

As mentioned earlier, spiritual practices can lead to combating stress well. These days, taking care of our mental well-being should be a priority for everyone.

The digital age and cut-throat competition everywhere has led to an increase in anxiety among people, especially students. Not to mention the increased cases of suicides and depression.

Amongst all this, we must be very careful about what we allow ourselves to be affected with. While not everyone can be stoic, spiritual practices can help people deal with stress better.



This is more of a boost by association and stems from the first point. When you are surrounded by happy people you tend to be happy yourself.

If you are someone who finds the act of physical activities spiritual, you have the added benefits of those. People who love meditation and find it spiritual tend to undergo the effects of the same.

At the end of the day, you are doing what you love and that increases your self-confidence. It makes you a happier person overall.

At the end of the day, being spiritual is a personal choice. Seeking some sort of a connection with something bigger than ourselves can often lead to an increase in positive emotions. A

s people often describe it, spirituality is often the feeling of transcendence that comes with emotions such as gratitude, peace or contentment.

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