Sportswear; Guide To Your Workout Fashion

Sports and exercise are one of the younger generations these days. A switch to a healthier life is one of the better outcomes for the past decade. With a growing active culture also inflates the need for the appropriate fashion and sportswear.

Sportswear is a form of clothing that is breathable and light. It basically allows the body to twist and turn without having to compromise or feel restricted. It is ideal to have a mixture of cotton and a synthetic fabric which allows one to breathe and not feel heavy.

Guidelines while picking your sportswear

  1. Wear the right bra; Sports Bra: Well, it may seem like that a sports bra might not be as comfortable but that is far from the truth. It is quite an important element in your sportswear to help you reach your best physical fitness without taxing your body.

The sports bra essentially supports your chest as women, in general, have heavier chests. It helps reduce the strain on your breast muscles and soft tissues and avoid damage to them.

In addition to this, it assists excessive strain on your shoulder and back muscles due to the chest weight. Some might think they are small chested but it is still better to wear a good supportive sports bra.


2. Wear light and breathable material

A good material is either cotton or spandex. Both of these materials allow you to move freely and feel light. Usually, a mixture of both these materials is what is most suitable. for sportswear.

Although many prefer cotton, it has a minor disadvantage of absorbing sweat and water making it heavy. But in the case of synthetic material, it remains light and breathable even after perspiration.

So, while shopping for sportswear, make sure to check closely for the type of fabric for better efficiency.

3. Hair and make-up

Although they say the world is our personal runway, I’m pretty sure it does not mean when working out. Let your self be free and natural. Make sure to try and avoid hair falling on your face, as during workout this might become irritating.

Next is the make-up. Which performing an active physical activity, you are bound to sweat. Applying foundation and other products clog the pores causing you to develop acne and rashes. So, take it easy and allow your self to be yourself.

4. Wear a good supportive shoes


Every sport has its own challenges and a unique kind of tension applied to the body. Henceforth making it an absolute priority for appropriate shoes.

While running or cardio exercises you require a light-weight or weightless shoes for better progression of your legs without feeling your legs give out.

But exercises like dead-lifts need a solid base shoe. The one that does not compress and de-form while you are carrying heavyweights.

5. Jewellery

Try avoiding jewellery, as it may be quite uncomfortable over the course. Small earrings are fine, but try to avoid heavy ornaments for a better and efficient workout.

So, these are the basic things to keep in mind while picking out sportswear for your gym or a free-style activity.

Sports fashion trends of 2020.

Now, its no surprise such breathable and light fabric is every girl’s best friend. Good leggings and an oversized hoodie is always right to chill-out in at home and also run quick errands (Come on, we all do it). Hence, a whole new trend of athleisure wear is the hot trend of 2020.

Many popular sports brands have collaborated with designers and entertainment personalities to bring out an amazing line of athleisure wear.

So, lets take a quick look at what’s hot this season?

1. Track-suit with shorts


Yes, track-suit was a popular choice for years but much more vibrant, bright and dynamic patterns on them have made once again a showstopper. Making it a trendy pick for your sportswear.

Picture Credits: Pinterest

2. Sports bra and a simple leggings

Simple and practical is simply the right way for this pairing of sportswear.


3. Bicycle shorts

Picture Credits: Pinterest

Princess Diana was most popular for her role in politics and her fashion sense. So, one of the most popular casual wear is the simple bicycle shorts and an oversized sweatshirt, making it a common and easily attainable outfit.

This style has made a come back in the past couple of years with many celebs in it spotted in it.

4. Tank- top and shorts

Picture Credits: Pinterest

A cute shorts paired with a simple tank-top is simple and easily achievable.

Hope these outfits inspire your sportswear choices as well. Do, share your thoughts and personal favourites in the comment section below.

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