The Airport Look; Personal Favs From Celebs

The airport look has been a ‘thing’ for quite a few years now. But what exactly is all the hype about?

Well, fashion and fancy outfits are not just meant for runways or events. For celebrities, they are a way of life. The camera eye never quite leaves them. Hence the need to dress well and steal the show at every turn started to turn up high. And this also included the airport, which is tagged as the “the Airport look”.

The looks that various celebrities put forth are drool-worthy and here are my personal favourites among them.

Deepika Padukone’s Airport Look

One of the most iconic and talented young actor in the B-town today is Deepika Padukone. Her acting skills have charmed the entire nation and around the globe. It is not a surprise to say that Deepika is one of the finest actors of this generation. Her personal style is much more dynamic.

Through the years her personal style has change and evolved. Although in various premiers and social events she is seen in elegant fashion, airport fashion is not so. It is simple and easily achievable which makes her styles one of my top picks and inspiration when picking my outfits also.

1. Trenchcoat Casually

Picture credits : Pinterest

This outfit is one of my first picks of her many incredible outfits because of its simple sophistication. The casual light jeans that are cut at a 3/4th length and a simple button-down white shirt is pulled together with a gorgeous blush pink coat.

‘The airport look’ right there with just the right pairing. The black loafers and a matching bag just add on to the wonderful look.

2. Turtlenecks

Picture credits : Pinterest

One of her next best outfits is this monochrome grey straight-cut trousers paired with a lovely grey turtle-neck sweater. The outfit itself is cosy and looks warm to endure the flight. The nude heals along with the brown handbag, keeps the look to a bi-colour pattern and neutral. The sleek hair-style over-all makes the look classy yet comfortable.

3. A dash of fancy

Picture credits : Pinterest

Well, for a little more fancy airport look I think this would be awesome. A casual white button-up unevenly hemmed dress with a beautiful cape-coat is by itself an incredible airport look.

The knee-high boots and neat hair-do makes the outfit one the best casual yet sophisticated outfit. The cape-coat especially is a unique outer-wear that ties the whole outfit together.

Kriti Sanon’s Airport Look

Kriti Sanon is a young actor who through her performance has indeed portrayed her remarkable talent in acting over the last few years. The young Bollywood star has also managed to capture the attention of many young stylists through her personal style as well.

Some of her airport looks are effortless that makes students and youngsters influenced by it and replicate in their everyday life.

1. Stripped Pants

airport look
Picture credits : Pinterest

This simple black tank-top and a stripped black high-waisted palazzo are available in most of our wardrobes. The airport look is the ultimate casual and versatile look to pull-off.

The white converse is classic and most basic shoes which together with everything bring out the best look for a casual event.

2. One-piece

airport look
Picture credits : Pinterest

Sundress to the airport can be tricky. But Kriti managed to pair the right kind of sundress that allows her to be carefree and still look stylish. The blue brings out the best with the contrasting white shoes. The dress is airy with the thin strappy sleeves and works well for tropical climates.

Anushka Sharma’s Airport Look

Anushka Sharma is one of the most influential celebrities in Bollywood today. Her style incorporates both Indian and Westerns elements in perfect balance. Her dressing is usually easy-going and put-together that makes it an inspirational choice for most.

1. Scarves

airport look
Picture credits : Pinterest

A relatively plain off-white Kurti, a pair of black jeans and boots? Yes, you did see it right. Ankle-length tan boots that are strappy is something outside the box. It is completely unusual but has a certain charm to it.

The rugged look is carried on by the slouchy leather bag and a grey scarf. Such specific essence that captivates everyone.

2. Go traditional

airport look
Picture credits : Pinterest

This look again has a uniqueness to it, due to the over-sized long Kurti. It is tipping slightly more towards the looser fit along with the blush pink pants. The look is simple and casual which makes a perfect Indian look to the airport.

The neutral elements in the outfit compliment the outfit perfectly with black flats and nails. The white and beige bag definitely brings out the best in the entire outfit.

Kangana Ranaut’s beautiful Airport Looks

Kangana is one of the iconic figures in the movie industry today. Her dynamic on and off-screen work is outstanding and is certainly captivated the hearts of many. Like her persona, her style also remains outstanding. Here are some of my personal favourites:

1. Semi-formals

Airport look
Picture credits : Pinterest

Pantsuit for the airport is elegant and classy. The very feel of a good blazer looks and makes you feel empowered. And Kangana has managed to achieve this effortlessly by pairing a pastel blue pain-suit with a casual white t-shit.

The look definitely gains quite an audience and kept people wanting the same. It is dashing and comfortable making me want it too.

3. Full-on Indian

Picture credits : Pinterest

Kangana is known for her wonderful saree looks and also taking that a step further and turning that into a popular airport look. The silver-brown checkered saree with a sleeveless blouse was one of the many sarees that gain attention.

The simplicity and the sophistication saree makes it the best casual and complex outfit to the airport. The large geeky glasses, a small peach sling bag with matching shoes makes it the best pairing to the saree. The tan trench coat is an added bonus.

Hope these inspired your personal fashion choices and travelling style as well. Let me know about your personal favourites and also who would you want to include in the list.

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