The Habit Of Reading; Why Is It Important?

Reading is something that a lot of us love. People say “books are your best friend”. And I completely agree with this. Books make a very good companion.

What we learn in the classroom and what we read from textbooks do not teach us how to live and lead our lives. They do not teach us how to deal with stress and other challenges that we face every day.

School teaches us concepts that will someday fetch us bread and butter. But it does not teach us how to be successful, happy and peaceful. All this we have to learn through our experiences and from other’s experiences.

And books help us with these matters. Reading habit has the power to shape our personalities. Once we begin reading books, we even get addicted to it. This addiction is a good one though.

Those of you who think reading is not for you or those who have been postponing reading, pick up a good book now. Here is why one should cultivate a habit of reading.

1. Reading develops better Communication skills

reading habit improves communication skills

Pick up a good book. Once we start reading we come across so many different words. And this helps us improve our vocabulary. The next time we write a paper or speak to someone, we will have a better and creative way of putting words.

Any good book for that matter will help us in this. There is no particular genre that one has to read.

2. Best way to reduce stress and relax

reading helps one relax and reduce stress

After a stressful day, coming back home and reading a book with a glass of wine is the best feeling. One should read books for pleasure and not as work.

A good book lets us forget all the tensions of the world and takes us into a whole new world. And this reduces stress.

3. Reading helps you escape from the real world

reading good books help a person improve imagination and be creative

Reading a good book (especially a good fiction) lets us imagine the characters and every bit of the story. Not only does this improve our imagination and creativity but it also lets us escape from the real world.

Escaping from the real world is necessary from time to time. This, in turn, will help us improve our thoughts and analytical skills.

4. Reading leads to Self-improvement

books help in self-improvement

Self-help books and other non-fiction books are extremely good and help one in self-improvement. Through reading, one can explore themselves. It develops positive thinking and also teaches us life lessons.

As I said earlier, we cannot learn life lessons through academics. There is a lot more to life than that. We can easily learn all that through good books. Autobiographies and other non-fiction books teach us the lessons that we need to live a happy and successful life.

To know what books to read to improve yourself, read our article on Top 5 Self-Help Books for Anyone.

5. Improves Knowledge

improve and expand your knowledge through reading

Books do not just mean fiction and fantasy. There are so many more genres. Through books, one can learn more about different customs, cultures, tradition and a lot more.

The syllabus that we have at school or college does not encompass all that is there in the subject. We learn only a fraction of the knowledge that is out there. And we can increase our knowledge in any particular field by reading books.


Reading is the best habit anyone can ever possess. There is a solution for almost everything in books. It not only improves our knowledge, but it also accompanies us anywhere and can enhance our mood.

Don’t be prejudiced about reading books. We all have heard “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. This is true. You will never know the benefits of reading until you try it. So, don’t wait anymore. Go and pick up a book now.

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