Thomas Frank: A Versatile Productivity YouTube Channel

Thomas Frank is one of those YouTubers you cannot help but be inspired. Productivity. This is what we all want to increase. Especially due to the situation caused by COVID-19, we are working from home, attending online classes and everything from home.

The biggest task for us right now is to have maximum productivity. Though we try a lot of methods, we need motivation and help. This is available to us through various blogs and YouTube channels.

There are so many YouTube channels out there that have content which helps us improve our productivity.

One such channel is Thomas Frank. This is one of the best YouTube channels that deal with productivity issues. Thomas Frank is a channel that is applicable to everyone, especially for students.

Who is Thomas Frank ?

Who is Thomas Frank
Source: Instagram @tomfrankly

The YouTube channel ‘Thomas Frank’ is named after the guy who runs it.

Thomas is 28 years old and has majored in Management Information Systems. He is the creator of this channel and puts up three to four videos every month. The way he looks at life and what he learns and analyses, he shares it with the rest of the world.

There are over 200 videos on his channel and each one of them is wonderful. We get to learn something new through every video.

Not only this but he also has a blog of his own called ‘College Info Geek‘ which contains articles from the last ten years. He has been blogging and motivating people since he was in college.

What makes the channel ‘Thomas Frank’ so versatile?

why is the Thomas Frank channel so versatile
Source: Thomas Frank YouTube Channel

The channel run by Thomas is very versatile and stands out. This is mostly because of the wide range of topics that he covers. The channel is not monotonous at all. One can find almost everything on this channel from a book review to life advice.

One can learn about new technological innovations that help us be more productive. In fact, Thomas explains the pros and cons of these applications and gives us a wide range of choices to select from.

For example, students like us might want to use apps to make notes instead of using the traditional paper and pen. Thomas Frank definitely has a video on his channel that talks about this. He will talk about and suggest the best applications one can use.

So, is it just technology that he talks about? Definitely not!

For starters, one should watch videos like “The most Powerful Way to Remember What You Study” and “The Skill You’re Slowly Losing”.

Technique used

The technique Thomas uses to make his videos and reach out to his viewers is very scientific and practical. This not only attracts the viewers but it is also very effective.

The best way to accept and start using a new method is to know everything there is to know about it. But many of us might not have the time or patience to research it. This is where Thomas Frank helps us.

It is very clear from his videos that Thomas does his research and has proper facts. He tells us everything one should know about and explains the concept.

For instance, if it is a video on how to improve memory, and he is introducing a new technique.

He tells the history of the technique, its scientific approach and why it is effective. Moreover, he tells his personal experience with the technique he introduces us to. This shows that he practises what he is preaching.

The video quality and editing are also very good. And, the language he uses to convey is also simple and can easily be understood. This method and technique that he uses are one of the reasons he now has over 2 million subscribers.

Only Productivity videos?

A question that might be lingering in the readers’ minds is whether the channel has only videos that improve productivity?

Well, Thomas Frank is basically a productivity channel. But, some podcasts are available on another channel of his called the Inforium. Thomas does a podcast that is available on his blog as well as the YouTube channel.

These podcasts cover various topics like entrepreneurship, finance, self-help and many more fun topics as well.

Thomas Frank Community

If one subscribes to the channel and becomes a part of the community, they can also be a part of the live streams that Thomas does. In these live streams, he addresses many issues and also promotes genuine content from other channels.

Thomas, being a musician, also plays instruments and shares those videos. The activities he does motivates the viewers to also be more and more productive.

What I like from the channel

A friend introduced me to this channel and I am grateful ever since. First of all, it is very inspiring to look at a 28-year-old with such wisdom. Secondly, the content is simply amazing.

Whenever I have an issue with productivity, this is the first channel I go to. One of my favourite videos is “The Skill You’re Slowly Losing”.

Though he talks a lot about technology, he also talks about how it is impacting on our lives. This approach of his that he shares with the world is definitely very helpful and has helped millions.

So, what are you waiting for! Go and check out the channel.

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