Winter Footwear Ideas With Hints Of Fun History

Winter footwear can be one hell of a puzzle. Lets take you through that.

Winter! a season where everything is frosty and cold. The cheer of Christmas in the air which no one can miss. But often we are all fall into a huge fix of picking the right outfit for the season.

And to add on to this confusion you also need to pick the right winter footwear. Well, footwear…… that’s an entirely different puzzle, with so many shoes out there.

winter footwear

The world of footwear is diverse and dates back to thousands of centuries. Today the footwear is one of the accessories that’s difficult to miss out. But can you imagine a time where the term footwear itself was oblivious? Hard to get a perspective isn’t it?

The footwear initially created and used by our ancestors are way different from what we know today. So, let’s take a brief detour to the beginning of a common shoe.

How it all began…

The shoe is basically a protective cover over the feet and this purpose was served by sheets or strips of leather. These are wrapped around the feet to ensure an external layer of protection.

Archaeological evidence leads to a distinctive hypothesis that these were used in the palaeolithic age which is approximately 40,000 years ago (now that’s old).

winter footwear
Victorian era shoes made specially for women

Fast forward to the ADs, a couple of thousand years from now, this marks the beginning of the “Modern-day” footwear. Something that has a very close resemblance to what we wear today.

Well, these shoes had the same design for both men and women. They didn’t even have a distinction between left and right foot, quite peculiar if you ask me. But, the upper classes had a much fancier version of this footwear and some even with heels.

And as years passed, materials like silk and other fabrics were being incorporated into footwear. From a basic need, it transformed into a fashion statement.

Soon, the posture and structure of the feet were contemplated and viola! shoes with both, function and fashion were born.

In the Victorian era, shoes made took its turn for the best. Incorporation of different patterns and material became much more common. And since then we have been enjoying the shoes we use today.

Why did shoes evolve to become a common accessory?

The shoes’ purpose was to protect the feet from harsh surfaces and immediate danger from insects or poisonous plants. Early men were nomadic, they frequently moved from one place to another. So, to survive the constant journey a feet protector came into the picture.

Well, one of the harsh weather that man faced back then and today is winter. The frozen serene beauty of nature comes with its vices. The cold is not a friend to man with a thin layer of skin, unlike the other animals.

Hence, keeping this in mind winter footwear was made. They served the purpose of comfort during the harsh weather.

Well, unlike the past we have rather a cute and trendy way to sort the issue. Today we have amazing winter footwear, that are absolutely brilliant to enjoy the sweater weather at its fullest.

What should they satisfy?

Well, anything to do with winter footwear needs to be warm and cosy. They need to be water-resistant and also a layered one. The multiple layers help to ward off the cold and help to keep the feet warm.

So, here are the top picks of shoes for the season

Winter, is not all blue. It is a season filled with wishes and wonders of both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The festive season brings in the crucial need to glam up, and what better way than to dress and accessorizing with the right boots? Here are 7 boots to help you pick your winter footwear.

1. Ankle boots

Nothing can be as cute as ankle boots with a cosy winter outfit. The slightly heeled boots go perfectly well with a casual denim outfit and even a cute dress.

The approach to such boots is versatile. And this is what makes it my favourite pick for the season. It’s wonderful for the cool autumn breeze and cold winters too.

2. Chelsea boots

When you want to tone down a bit and go natural or casual, this is the ideal shoe to pick. The closed outer with tiny hints of lining is simple, but the simplicity is what adds the beauty to the shoes, without a doubt.

Be it a casual stroll or everyday wear, these shoes are great for most of your needs.

3. Combat boots

The name says it all. These shoes are tough and heavy. They can hold their ground with its killer looks. If if you want to build your simple cute look to a bit dangerous one then this is for you.

The chunky appearance will go with a cute dress and not just a leather tight suit. It’s unquestionably hot and dangerous with subtle hints of charm to it.

4. Chunky heeled boots

Chunky heeled boots are kinda similar to ankle boots but with higher heels. They are big and bulky but are overall comfortable even with such heels to it. Again it is quite blending with the outfit you want to pair it with.

5. High raised boots

winter footwear

Calf boots are absolutely beautiful. The higher length of upper portion helps to elongate the legs. Well, the plus point of this is that it comes it all colours and forms.

It is easy to dress it up or tone it down. And a winter party dress can be accessorized with a bedazzled work.

If this is something you like then thigh-high boots will certainly not be disappointing. Well, of-late Ariana Grande has been spotted in these and it has been a definite show-stopper.

winter footwear

6. Converse

winter footwear

If boots aren’t your cup of tea, then go along with a good ankle converse to keep yourself warm. They are a lot more casual and they pose an overall casual appeal.

The downside of converse is that it is fabric, so it might be a little more susceptible to water than leather. And in the winters this might not be an ideal choice, but for cool mild winter, this could work well.

7. Fancy boots

Well, a party requires a fabulous up look. And an open toe shoe might not be an ideal option in the winter unless you want to freeze your toe up. But in all seriousness, boots don’t have to be the same old neutrals and boring.

There are tons of designer boots that are styled up with shimmer and jewellery to add more to your winter footwear look. So, for a winter party, you know what to do.

SO, here you have a deep dive into various ways to transform your winter look from the boring vanilla style. If you have any other interesting winter footwear ideas or other winter styles you like to see in this blog then please mention them in the comment section.

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