Wrap-up Tight For This Winter In Style

Over the last month, we brought you some unique and amazing winter wear ideas. before we start with the next month, here is a wrap-up for September.

Winter is simply beautiful. Winter is a time to warm up and get cosy, go outside and feel the air on your skin. But never the less, looking good is a leap to feeling good. The cold air creeps into your skin and sends in a shiver.

The thought is sure magical but for some of us, it ain’t. Winter is a dreadful cold season that is cold and wet and trouble-some.

But, whether you like it or not this winter treat yourself like a Queen and rock the season. Take some time out and really look at yourself and nurture it the right way.

And for that reason, check out the entire wrap-up in some fun and simple steps. Why search a million websites when the entire wear and care wrap-up is right here.

1. Skin care

Well, the first thing that strikes as the winter begins is its effects on the skin. Throughout the summer the skin was nice and moist but that ends in the winter. The cold air absorbs the moisture from them and makes the skin dry and prime to damage.

For those who have dry skin naturally, it gets even more difficult to step outside and not be irritated with the stiffness and tightness on your face and other extremities.

skin care

Special care is indeed a dire need to keep your skin in check. The primary reason this happens is due to the lack of moisture. So, maintain a healthy amount of moisture on your skin through various methods.

Did you think that a fancy moisturizer was the only way to protect your skin? Well, there are several ways (thanks to modern research and development ) to help your skin cope with such a crisis.

2. Wrap-up with the right clothing

Now, you’ve got the first base covered, which is your skin. Next is to keep yourself warm and for that, you need the right clothes. It is crucial to stay nice and cosy especially this season.

The cold air not only freezes up everything but also makes you sick from the flu and hypothermia which is very much prevalent during winter.

Staying warm is important but, do you have to settle for just any old junky sweater? Nope, not at all. Winter attire is usually big and makes you look bulky, but with the right layering, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In winter one layer of clothes will definitely get you nowhere. So, it is important to how do you get it right.

Well, winter outfits have one key rule, that is to build your outfit big to small or go in the reverse order. Which means when you are planning your outfit using a long coat then, make sure that is the longest piece in your entire outfit. the same way if you inner shirt or t-shirt long then makes sure your outer jacket is short or at a cropped length.

This is just one the many hacks to style your outfit, to know more check out, Layers For Winter; Keep Yourself Warm And Cozy.

3. Outfits and accessories

Just as I mentioned earlier, winter outfits are entirely different confusion altogether. What shoes to match? What headgear to pair for a particular look? What to and what not to?

All these questions are bound to make you go crazy. But, not to worry, all the fashion confusion can the dis-integrated to nothing with just a few simple steps.

From your head to your toe, a basic key to keeping in mind is to mix and match. Well, it can be tricky in the beginning, but once you get a hang of it, you are going to nail your every look.

An unconventional start from the headgear and your shoes

I say this because it is literally head to toe and skipping the ones in between.

Headgear is important to protect your head from the chills. There is a notion that winter hats are not all that useful but on the contrary, it is one of those that is a must. If you are a person who walks to places, then this accessory is more important to you.

The cold usually hits the head first. And over a period of time or in intense condition might lead to severe health problems. The same goes to your feet, the floors are cold and your feet are closest to it. Hence, keep your head and your feet covered and cosy than anything else.


There are thousands of different headgears out there and even more option for footwear. In the previous blogs, I have given a few good options to pair your hats and some amazing pieces of footwear.

Well, firstly match your belts at least to one other piece in your outfit, if possible your shoes which is an easy and more effective option. So, do check them out for many more hacks and fun tips.

The look and outfit

Each one of us has a unique style that matches our personality. It is important to dress to your own rhythm and not just go along with the “hot topic” of the day.

So, the best way is to explore and find the right one for you. This a generalized concept and when it gets to one particular season it can get quite tricky.


To help you find yourself and be you in every way, especially in fashion check out Cute Winter Outfits To Rock The Upcoming Season where you can surf through your closet effectively and find your mojo.

There are various styles to choose and also I highly encourage you to mix and match from your existing pieces and put together stunning new looks without taxing your wallet.

3. Last but not the least, DIY

Well, it’s no surprise that we are all indoors due to the pandemic. It is challenging to be inside all the time. So, why not brush up some of your old forgotten skills and make something new?


Well, there are plenty of Do It Yourself or DIY video and ideas to make an interesting thing from the products that are found within your homes. Knit, staple and tie to make a cool useful thing from all the junk acquired over the years.

And for some amazing ideas and hacks for winter do check out winter DIYs and for more do check out CRAFTY to get warm and cosy without much hassle.

Hope these tips and tricks help you wrap-up well and still be stylish this season. Do feel free to share your favourite snippet in the comment section below. And that was it for a wrap-up people!

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