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Anxiety: Causes And How To Deal With It

We hear a lot of people talk about anxiety. But, what is anxiety? Is feeling anxious itself a disorder? These are the questions that linger in our minds ...
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A career in HR

A Career In HR (Human Resources): Prospects, Possibilities And Opportunities

A career in HR or Human Resources is probably one of the most sought-after career options in today’s society and here’s why ...
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Time Travel Movies; Personal Favourites

There is something inherently charming about time travel movies which keep me intrigued and invested any time I watch them ...
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skin care

Skincare During Winter; Everything You Should Know

Winter is coming! And we ought to be prepared. Well, not for war but rather keeping our skin in check from the damage during the winter season. Skincare during winter ...
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Fasting Before Workouts: Should You Or Should You Not?

Fasting before workouts or more popularly known as fasted cardio has been a prevalent theory in recent years. The idea is that the fasting before workouts will burn more calories ...
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Being Fresher: How Is It Different From College Life

As students, we spend almost three to five years in college. When we began our college lives as freshers, it was a major change from school life to the new ...
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