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Campus Buzz; An Experience I Will Cherish

About a year ago, when I was interning for an online platform, my friend got the idea of starting our own one. That blog is Campus Buzz ...
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Nitin Kamath; Story of the Co-founder of Zerodha

Nitin Kamath; a name that I am ashamed to admit I was not aware of. Founder of Zerodha, India’s biggest stock brokerage company in terms of volume of trade, along ...
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How To Rock A Date Night; Tips And Tricks

So you got a date coming up and you are confused about how to go on with it? Then my friend we are all on the same boat. Although the ...
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SWOT Analysis: A guide

SWOT Analysis: How To Do It Right

Every business organization out there aims to be the best at their game. To achieve this aim of theirs, they keep regular checks and analyse the working of their organization ...
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Ritesh Agarwal; The Second Youngest Billionaire

Ritesh Agarwal. The man behind OYO is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India today. I am sure everybody has heard of OYO Rooms ...
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Sportswear; Guide To Your Workout Fashion

Sports and exercise are one of the younger generations these days. A switch to a healthier life is one of the better outcomes for the past decade. With a growing ...
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