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Funding your start-up

Funding your Start-up: A Guide to Financing your Business

Do you have an amazing idea for a start-up? Have you found yourself stuck at the question of getting money for that idea? Then, my friend, you can stop fretting ...
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Kunal Shah; The Mastermind Behind Freecharge

We all have heard about Snapdeal and Freecharge. But did you hear about Kunal Shah? The man who is responsible for the creation of Freecharge? ...
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Tea; Spilling The Tea For A Glowing Skin

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Especially in India, chai is a favourite. We begin our day with black tea usually and end it with ...
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Project management : All you need to know

Project Management: All You Need To Know

Have you always been the leader in all those minor school activities? Do you find joy in teamwork? Are you interested in handling major as well as minor projects? Then, ...
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Spirituality In Today’s World; Why and How?

If you google the term ‘spirituality’, you are likely to get a definition along the lines of being concerned or attached to the human spirit instead of being attached to ...
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Earrings; Over The Years And Trends Now

Earrings, they come in all shapes and sizes. The precious piece of jewellery truly moved on to be available at every street corner ...
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